When death comes knocking at your door, instead of embrace it and start the amazing journey, most people tries to play hide and seek. And based on my horror movie experience, most of them didn’t end well.

This post is about Final Destination 1-5 from the U.S. and the Ring from Japan. In both of these two movie series, for whatever reasons, death come and start to kill in a sequence. What American people tries to express is that when it is your time to pass by, you can not trick death. A lot of people may ask why, but sometimes the nature itself just won’t give reasons.

However, in eastern culture, where we believe unethical behavior will be punished by death and good people will live a long and happy life, director of horror movies tend to be very good at explaining why these people are chosen to die. Often times, it was because they hurt someone before, and the curse force them to pay back their guilt.


I think that’s probably why after I watched the ring, I wasn’t afraid that the movie will come true because I know I didn’t hurt anyone before. However, after watching Final Destination, I just feel everything I see in life might be the signal and was frightened.

If explained from this perspective, I guess the ring has more educational meaning compared with final destination, which focuses on entertainment with 3D effect and shocking scenes.